Services for Yuqinfu Tenants – Breakfast

Food is one of the most distinctive parts of a culture, which is especially noticeable at breakfast time. And at the top of the list of things you tend to miss while living in a foreign country is “breakfast just like at home”. At the Yuqinfu Residence, we try to be many expats’ home away from home, so naturally, a lot of thought has gone into providing a plentiful home style breakfast.


Since there are currently two main groups of tenants at Yuqinfu – Japanese on the one hand and Western on the other – the optional breakfast buffet at Yuqinfu offers Japanese but also Western treats. Catered by Sensyuu restaurant, one of the most popular places to eat of the Japanese expat community in Shenyang, the quality of the Japanese-style breakfast items goes without saying. Every day, there is a great choice of goodies: rice with curry, miso soup, sushi, karage etc. There is fresh fruit and vegetables with dressing, a choice of fruit juices, milk yoghurt, different coffee specialties and much more.


To make it a real treat for the Western tenants as well, Landing East has trained the Sensyuu staff on how to cater to the Western palate. In addition to buying all the condiments for a Western breakfast (such as honey, jams and Nutella – indispensable especially to the German tenants – as well as cold cuts and cheeses), the Japanese cooks learned how to keep the different breads, rolls and pretzels crisp on the outside but soft on the inside for a satisfying bread experience, how to bake cakes and make scrambled eggs and stir-fried vegetables the Western way.


For those who are too busy for an extended sit-down breakfast, we also offer a “take away” alternative. There are plastic boxes and coffee cups with lids available for tenants who prefer to eat on their way to work or when they arrive at the office.

Tenants can book breakfast and pay for the entire month’s worth together with their rent, but they also have the option of eating at the breakfast buffet only when they feel like it and paying as a once-off option. Tenants may bring their friends to eat at Yuqinfu as well. For all the people living at the residence, breakfast is CNY 50 per person and per morning. Non-residents pay 60 RMB per head.


Have you become curious? Would you like to check out the Japanese and Western-style breakfast buffet at Yuqinfu? Then come by our breakfast room on the 2nd floor (accessible from both the West and the East Tower) on weekdays between 6:00 and 9:30 or on weekends and public holidays between 6:00 and 11:00.

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Written by Julie Marx.

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