Services for Yuqinfu Tenants – Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off.

Catching a taxi in Shenyang is not always the easiest thing. Cab drivers in this city do not have an easy job, what with traffic jams, frequent accidents and sometimes harsh climactic conditions (being baked or having to learn how to swim during the summer and having to contend with icy roads and heavy snow during the winter). Maybe this is the reason that Shenyang taxi drivers can sometimes be a bit capricious.

They might decline a fare on very interesting grounds. I have had cab drivers tell me that the destination I had in mind was too far (the airport, some companies located out in Sujiatun District or in Dapan Industrial Zone), that the roads were too icy, that the rain was too heavy, that they were about to knock off or that they wanted to go on their lunch break. While this might be amusing and appear eccentric when you are having a good day, it can be very annoying when you need to go somewhere in a hurry – for an appointment – or are about to miss your plane because of a driver’s capriciousness.


Luckily, this uncertainty and hassle can be avoided if you are one of our Yuqinfu Tenants. To those lucky people, Landing East offers a complimentary pick-up and drop-off service (limited to one round trip or two single trips per month). If tenants need more than drop-off or pick-up within a particular month, we charge them 200 RMB round trip (or 100 RMB for one way respectively).


Tenants of course have  also the option of using the car service to different destinations (prices upon request). The vehicles Landing East uses, offer a lot of room for both people and cargo. In our biggest vehicle, up to 6 passengers – or 4 passengers if they have a large amount of luggage – can travel to the airport in style. A taxi, on the other hand, will mostly be hard pressed to accommodate even 2 people with luggage for an overseas journey. Additionally, a vast majority of Shenyang taxis are old and worn, whereas our fleet of cars is well maintained, clean and air conditioned or heated according to the tenant’s requirements.


To book our car service, tenants simply inform our office staff at least 24 hours in advance of the date they will need the service along with their flight number, the number of people who will travel and the approximate amount of luggage. Landing East will then arrange the appropriate car and will inform tenants of the pick-up time and place. Since our drivers are very experienced, they will be well able to judge time requirements for the journey based on time of day and the probable traffic situation.


So, for those of our Yuqinfu tenants who have not tried the Landing East car service yet, contact us the next time you have a business trip or home flight and our friendly drivers will send you to the airport timely, in comfort and ease.

Written by Julie Marx

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