Shopping Day

In China, the 27th day of the twelfth lunar month is considered a good day for shopping and it symbolizes the welcoming of new things and new year. In the Gregorian calendar this day is today, on January 24th,  2017. Buy new clothes, fireworks, Spring Festival couplets, or gifts for your friends and family members (but don’t forget to check what you can buy and what you should avoid beforehand).


Before Shopping Day begins, let’s find out what you should wear during the New Year’s celebration (so you will be able to buy it today).

As we already mentioned, the coming year is the year of the Fire Rooster, so if you, or someone from your family, was born in the following years – 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017 – they are Roosters, according to the Chinese zodiac 12-year-cycle. Every year, there are different New Year’s clothing traditions, depending on the “animal of the year”, because people believe that each animal has its own “character” and “taste”.


The Chinese zodiac Rooster is a confident trustworthy individual with a strong sense of timekeeping and responsibility. They are also considered very neat and organized; their homes are clean and cozy. Fire element makes them career-oriented activists, who are impatient to achieve success. In clothing, Roosters prefer business style – cocktail or evening dresses for women and suits for men would be the best choice. It is very important that they look elegant – Roosters will appreciate that. If you are not going to wear such “official” things, don’t worry – more casual variants are also acceptable. The most important is that it really fits you. The fire element derives from Feng Shui, a philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with their surrounding environment – very popular even in the West. Feng Shui dictates appropriate colors for the New Year’s celebration. This year all colors of fire are welcome – red, yellow, orange, purple, pink or magenta. You can also use green or brown colors, as they are the colors of the Wood element (because the Wood element creates the Fire element). But avoid black or blue (associated to the Water element) and all earthy tones (linked to the Earth element).


Accessories should also be in the aforementioned colors, and gold may be added to this list as well. You can make your appearance more “powerful” by adding accessories with natural crystals and stones with the presence of Fire energy, such as rose quartz, garnet, and ruby. Or – for the Wood element – energy crystals are green jade, agate, green tourmaline, and malachite.

Chinese people believe that your zodiac year is an unlucky year for you, so, Roosters, be ready to work hard and take care of yourself. But not to worry – there is a way to get some good luck and fortune for the next year. For the New Year’s celebration, put on 12 elements of red clothes. Ladies are luckier – polishing your nails in red color is already one element! Two more “must-haves” on the celebration are red socks and red underwear but the rest of the elements – depend on you. This is how you will “attract” good luck and “scare away” bad luck.


Now you know how to dress up for New Year’s celebration, and we hope that you will have only good luck in the year of Fire Rooster. So go out today to shop for all the stuff you might not have yet!

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Written by Mironova Inna


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