Little Chicken Little Chicken – 小鸡小鸡

Since we are about to enter the year of the Fire Rooster, we have a special treat for you today: 小鸡小鸡 (Little Chicken Little Chicken), a song by Chinese singer Wang Rong. We’d post the lyrics for you here, but there really is little point, as they mainly consist of an enumeration of animals (hen, rooster, chick,…) and the noises they make.

Supposedly, the content of the song came to Wang Rong in a dream where she was on a farm and could suddenly understand what all the animals where talking about. She did not specify whether this dream was natural or drug-induced, but our guess – especially after seeing the video – is it’s probably the latter.

Take a good look and a good listen, chances are this song will turn out to be 2017’s 小苹果 (Little Apple) and the attending dance moves promise to be hilarious!

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