2017 Horoscope for the Rooster Zodiac Sign

As mentioned before in our overview about the Chinese New Year, the year of an animal is unlucky for this animal, so for Roosters, the year of 2017 is extremely unlucky. You can check our article about Shopping Day to find out what you should wear during the Spring Festival to attract some luck or at least mitigate your misfortune.

Anyway, let’s look through the whole horoscope for the coming year and find ways to solve this issue.

  Wealth and Work in 2017

Roosters are believed to be very hardworking. So, you have to work really hard this year to achieve your career goals. You should plan and organize yourself really well in 2017. Also, remember: do not invest money, but save it instead. Nevertheless, Roosters will have good luck in leadership, so in this field you may achieve some success. You will also be successful if you are creative, so add some creativity in your job and it will be appreciated. At work (and in life in general) your motto should be: “do more and speak less”.

  Health in 2017

You should take very good care about your health this year. Especially in your daily routine: watch where you are going, cross the street in appropriate places, and drive according to the rules. Take care of your family members and close friends.
Also, in 2017, Roosters will get lazier and be easily upset, so they need to encourage themselves all the time. A charity donation will be good for your Karma.

  Love in 2017
Talking about love, the motto of this year for Roosters is “Marry or break up”. Which means that Roosters have to make a strict decision: if the partner is “the one” – marry him/her, if not – it is time to say goodbye. If you are single, you will have a chance to find a partner. But be patient as the relationship might turn out to not be very stable.

Rooster 1.png

This is all for now. Enjoy reading and do not take it too seriously, as mentioned in our previous article – the Chinese calendar is a big and complicated system, and for the real results, astrologers will need the a lot of information about your birth – year, month, day and exact time.

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Written by Inna Mironova

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