2017 Horoscope for the Ox Zodiac Sign

Amongst the 12 signs of the Chinese calendar, the second sign of the Chinese zodiac (after the Rat) is the Ox.
In general, people with the Chinese zodiac sign of Ox will go through a lucky year in 2017. The master of this year will help all those who were born under the sign of the Ox to achieve success and implement their plans. But let’s have a closer look at what else is waiting for them in this year of the Fire Rooster.

apple-emoji-list-emojis-for-iphone-ipad-and-macos-2017-01-31-16-26-27Wealth and career in 2017
Their fortune in career should be quite good in 2017 according to Chinese zodiac predictions. With the appreciation of their boss, their career will have a smooth development, but they may be envied because of their outstanding performance, and there might be rumors spreading in the company. They should keep working hard as usual and not let the gossip affect their mood. Oxen are very likely to earn a great fortune by investing money. The Oxen’s stable personality will not allow them to make risky moves and their fortune will increase in a steady pace. There will be some unexpected large expenses. Luckily, this kind of expense will not happen a lot and there may still be some savings.

apple-emoji-list-emojis-for-iphone-ipad-and-macos-2017-01-31-16-26-55Health in 2017
In terms of health, they will lead a safe and sound life throughout the year, but ailments like cold and cough may happen sometimes and changeable emotions might bother them in 2017. Besides of the awareness of changing weather, taking regular exercise can help them stay fit mentally and physically. Oxen should keep a healthy diet. Less drinking or smoking is also very much recommended for them.

apple-emoji-list-emojis-for-iphone-ipad-and-macos-2017-01-31-16-24-06Love in 2017
The Oxen’s fortune in love will be flourishing the entire year of 2017, especially for those married people. The harmonious and sweet family will in return become their motivation in their career and wealth. Although creating romantic events may not be the strong point for people of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox, some normal activities such as shopping, watching movies, and taking excursions can still help to consolidate their love life.


This is all for now. We got the information for this horoscope on www.chinahighlights.com (in case if you want to know more about your fortune for this Lunar year). Enjoy reading and do not take it too seriously, as mentioned in our previous article – the Chinese calendar is a big and complicated system, and for the real results, astrologers will need the a lot of information about your birth – year, month, day and exact time.

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