2017 Horoscope for the Rabbit Zodiac Sign

In our previous posts we learned about the good (or bad) fortune for the Rooster, Dog, Pig, Rat, Ox and Tiger zodiac signs, so it is time for the next animal in the Chinese zodiac circle. For the Rabbits in the year of the Fire Rooster, opportunities may hide behind challenges. But let us have a close look at the fortune that waits for them in 2017.

apple-emoji-list-emojis-for-iphone-ipad-and-macos-2017-01-31-16-26-27Wealth and Career in 2017. According to Chinese zodiac fortune predictions, Rabbit people may experience some changes in their career. It is possible that their companies will be merged or acquired, so they are likely to be transferred to another city or position. For those who are always on the go, 2017 is still a nice year for career development. 2017 is also full of changes wealth-wise. They should allocate money reasonably. Rabbits may buy a house or stable financial product in the right time. They cannot rely on others but have to be independent to solve problems. It is recommended to set some money aside in case of emergencies.

apple-emoji-list-emojis-for-iphone-ipad-and-macos-2017-01-31-16-26-55Health in 2017. As a whole, people with the Rabbit zodiac sign are likely to be wounded. They should take care of themselves when participating in outdoor activities like diving, drifting, and rock climbing. They should also follow traffic rules strictly when driving or crossing streets. Those who are used to fiddling around with their mobile phones when walking should get rid of this bad habit to avoid accidents. They may always feel tired because of tense nerves, so it is best for them if they take it easy.

apple-emoji-list-emojis-for-iphone-ipad-and-macos-2017-01-31-16-24-06Love in 2017. Unfortunately, the love life for the Rabbit people in 2017 would not go very well. They may go through some changes in their relationship โ€“ there might even be a third person involved, complicating their life as a couple. Married people may easily quarrel with their partners because of trifles. To avoid the situation getting worse, they are advised to go out for a trip with their partners to enhance the relationship. Single people may have a chance to meet the one they love, but it may not be a long-term relationship. Rabbits should remember to stay calm and not rush into a love affair too soon.


This is all for now. We got the information for this horoscope on www.chinahighlights.com (in case if you want to know more about your fortune for this Lunar year). Enjoy reading and do not take it too seriously, as mentioned in our previous article โ€“ the Chinese calendar is a big and complicated system, and for the real results, astrologers will need the a lot of information about your birth โ€“ year, month, day and exact time.

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Written by Evgenia Kurz

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