Unforgettable Gifts for Your Valentine

Taobao is the biggest online market in China and there you can find EVERYTHING: clothes, toys, food, pets and so on. Most of these goods are usual for us but some of them are sooo weird that you may think: “What the hell is this?” And, of course, all your crazy ideas have been created by Chinese citizens and have been selling for long time. Some months ago, we posted an article about how to open your very own Taobao account, so you might already have opened this world up for yourself.

Today is February 14th and the whole planet is celebrating St. Valentine’s Day – the day when all couples express their love to each other by giving gifts, dating or doing other “sweet” things. What do you usually give to your partner? Flowers? Gift cards? A big Teddy Bear? Now you can leave all these gifts for the time when you are back to your native country, because Chinese people are definitely more creative and have millions of unusual things for this day. And you can get everything, of course, on Taobao. Let’s see what the Landing East team found on this website, and what could probably be a good gift idea for your partner (if he or she has a good sense of humor).

No. 11 Let’s start with the most common (for Westerners) Valentine’s gift – flowers. But the Chinese do not want to buy a normal bouquet – the most popular is to give flowers in boxes.


And a Valentine’s special is to write “520” with differently colored flowers. Those of you who read our article “Internet slang” already know what this means (for those who did not – go ahead and read 😉


Another variant that Taobao offers for St. Valentine’s Day is a golden rose like on this picture. For those women who want that their flower lives forever.


And a more creative way to give flowers to your lover is by mounting the flower inside a glass globe (the picture from “Beauty and the beast” cartoon comes to my mind):


No. 10 Let’s finish with flowers, because they are just too trivial. The next group of gifts offered by Taobao for St. Valentine’s Day, is all the stuff where you can put your picture and write something like “Ann & Joe forever”. And you can write it everywhere… on belts, a bottle of wine, photo frames, or even special lightened statues made of glass… Isn’t it TOO sweet?


No. 9 What do you think would be the most wished for gift for Valentine’s Day (and not only then)? A new smartphone, of course. And everyone can guess which brand is the only desirable one. But because of its hefty price tag, it might be too costly for many people, so creative and funny Chinese people sell THIS on Taobao instead (we will leave it without comments):


No. 8 I think everyone had a time in their life, when it was very sweet to print out pictures of their Valentine and put them into photo album with some handwritten notes, quotes and drawings. Chinese people offer you a modern alternative – print out your face with the craziest smile and put it on a toy, i.e. a rabbit (or just order it on Taobao). Then your partner will hug this toy and look at your funny face all the time when you are not together.


No. 7 Now please forget for some minutes our previous article “Gift-giving etiquette in China”, because the next gift is in the taboo part. But we cannot skip it, because these shoes are worth our attention. Yes, most girls are in love with shoes and have many pairs of them. So, the guys whose girlfriends or wives like to look extraordinary, check out these shoes… We also strongly suspect that Taobao is actually where Lady Gaga orders her shoes – it has to be!


No. 6 The next gift variant is a funny T-shirt. This gift is good for each sex, just find an appropriate one (the one on the picture can be used both by males and females, as we can see):


No. 5 Does your partner like to cook? If the answer is “Yes”, then we found another weird gift for you on Taobao – a cooking apron. But not with the usual designs, of course. The Chinese have a big imagination and a weird sense of humor, so enjoy the following pictures (as is so often the case in China, there is also a “pair-style” variant available).



No. 4 Continuing to talk about pair-style. In China, it is very popular for sweethearts to dress alike, so, on Taobao you will find everything starting with a complete suit (such as a track suit, for example) and finishing with…underwear. So, if you are a person who wants to have the latter – Taobao offers you a gazillion of designs and styles:


 No.3 One of the craziest things that were found on Taobao was a plastic David Beckham (or rather David Bickham, as his name was spelled on the site). It is not difficult to understand how buyers use his, we just want to tell you that the copy is only 3 cm smaller than the “real” David (the toy’s height is 170cm) and only wears a pink T-shirt.


No. 2 The next weird thing that you can buy on Taobao and which can be a good gift for those who like nature and plants or growing something by themselves – is a chick’s incubator. Why not to grow chicks at home, right?


No.1 Be ready for the number one. This group of gifts is for those who like pets. But it is very trivial to buy a puppy or a kitten, isn’t it? For those who really like to impress people, Taobao’s special offer is for ALL TYPES of animals. Have you ever wanted to have a peacock in your backyard? Or maybe ride alpacas every day (if it is even possible) – of course, such animals are very expensive, but in this case, you can rent them for one or several days. Rabbits or hedgehogs, for example, are quite cheap, but they might be too usual and not interesting enough, I guess.


Living in China, you have a lot of possibilities to impress people: the wildest thing that comes to your mind is already waiting for you somewhere here. Due to www.taobao.com, we can have everything we have ever dreamed of at very attractive prices. So, take a moment and enjoy shopping in China and if you are interested in “offline” shops also, read our previous article about Liaoning Province Industrial Exhibition Hall – a nice place for shopping.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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