Results – Landing East Charity Sale

Yesterday, Landing East held a Charity Sale on the second floor of the Yuqinfu Residence, selling new and good-as-new clothing, bags, shoes, watches, fashion jewelry, electronics, kitchen utensils, and many more items left to them by tenants leaving for their countries. The total proceeds of the sale totaled 12063 RMB. Landing East is giving all of this money to the youth eye care project of the Delos Foundation, which is supported by the International Club Shenyang (ICS). The project helps children who are suffering from myopia in countryside schools around Shenyang. Some students get bad grades due to the fact that they cannot see the blackboard clearly, but are afraid to speak out. The project is already implemented in 5 countryside schools around Shenyang. For it, the Delos Foundation cooperates with the department of education of Liaoning Province and the Liaoning Communist Youth League.

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The Delos foundation has been approached because most children in these countryside schools are very poor, many coming from migrant worker families. The content of the program is to do free eye examinations for students and provide free glasses for the students suffering from myopia. In 2017, the Delos Foundation plans to go to 10 countryside schools and check the eyes of about 5,000 students. They estimate that roughly 750 students will need glasses. While the professional examination is sponsored by the He Eye Hospital, the cost of one pair of glasses has to be paid by the Foundation. One pair of glasses costs 93 RMB. So the proceeds of the Charity Sale will provide 129 children with their very own pair of glasses, in the hope that this will encourage them to study harder in class.

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Landing East wishes to thank every single person who donated items to be sold, bought something at the Charity Sale or gave some extra donations. You made a very big difference to a great number of kids around Shenyang!

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If you think this event was a good idea, would like us to do it again or have other ideas for similar activities you would like us to organize in the future, please comment below โ€“ weโ€™d love to hear from you!

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For more information on upcoming events by Landing East as well as interesting and useful information on life in China in general and Shenyang in particular, remember to follow us on our social media channels (our blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and WeChat). And always feel free to share our contact details with your friends and family.

Written by Julie Marx



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