Earth Hour Dinner – Review

In 2017, the Earth Hour movement connected 187 countries and territories: millions of people and more than 3100 landmarks and monuments switched off their lights on March 25th between 20:30 and 21:30. Landing East also took part in the demonstration – we decided to show our tenants how simply, nicely and funnily they can spend one hour per year to support this movement in the future. We invited them for a candlelight dinner with delicious food from the Japanese restaurant “Ginkgo” (luckily, the restaurant is just opposite to our building and they were able to simply carry the food across to us). At the exact time specified, all the electricity was switched off, but the room was full of light from candles, which created an amazing atmosphere. The special guest on our celebration was the best (in our humble opinion) singer in the whole of Shenyang – Elmer (if you don’t believe us, you can check Heidi’s restaurant in the evening to hear him sing). He made everyone feel very relaxed, so that we all were singing together in the end 😊. To make a long story short, we spent a pleasant evening with a very friendly atmosphere and delicious food – just look at the pictures below:

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And how did you spend Earth Hour? Let us know in the comments below 😉 Share our experience in celebrating the Earth Hour with your friends – it can be an interesting idea for someone 😉 And follow us on WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our website – – not to miss our next events and interesting articles about living in Shenyang.


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