The FM 2017 – as seen by participants, volunteers and guests

As a proud city sponsor of the Shenyang Fotomarathon 2017, Landing East was happy to support this event in several ways – as volunteers, participants and with a donation. I joined the ranks of volunteers trying to make this a successful venture, while my colleagues Alina Zhang and Inna Mironova tried their hands at making the winning photography series as participants.
We asked ourselves and some of our friends who were also involved several questions:

  • How was our experience of the 2017 Fotomarathon and Carnival?
  • What did we enjoy most?
  • What tip would we give those wanting to get involved next year?


For me, volunteering is always a rewarding experience, and the 2017 Fotomarathon was no exception. It brought me together with friends old and new, working towards the common goal of making this event a success and create an unforgettable experience for the participants. Not being a great photographer myself, I got to live vicariously through the creativity of the contestants.
The best part was to see the joy this event brought –kids’ shining faces when they received the sticker on their set cards, participants intently strategizing about getting the most creative shot, guests at the carnival enjoying the festivities, the food and the fun.
My tip for potential future volunteers would be to bring endurance and enthusiasm!

I was not alone, however, in enjoying my volunteer experience. Here is feedback from two of my fellow volunteers:

Tilly review.jpg

Haobo Sun review.jpg

Adrianna review.jpg

Here is what the participants had to say:

Alina review.jpg

Sabina review.jpg

Brigitte review.jpg

Flo review.jpg

Lillien review

But not only the participants young and young at heart enjoyed it, the guests at the carnival were also enthused:

Maike review.jpg

It was not just us who liked, it, though. The organizers also seem pleased with the FM:

The Fotomarathon Shenyang 2017 was another very successful event. Round about 1000 participants joined us this year to take part in the most exciting photo competition ever. Thanks to a large group of volunteers the organization ran smoothly and left everybody happy and relaxed – as far as that is possible during a marathon. Especially this year’s new introduction of the Family-Ticket proved to be a brilliant idea. More than one of the participants told me, “it is a meaningful event and a day spent with a purpose”. What else could I wish for?!
What I enjoy most during the Fotomarathon is watching the participants interact. Pairs, small groups or really big groups huddle together, planning the next steps. Thinking, contemplating their strategies and then suddenly they start playing around, taking photos of each other, posing and collecting memories of this special day. This is the beginning of creativity. It is wonderful to watch! When all our participants had a day full of fun, laughter and excitement and made friends along the way – that is when I know all our efforts were worth it!
The most difficult thing about the Fotomarathon are the rules. 12 hours – 12 photos sounds easy enough. But then there is the first photo which needs to include the starting number! And the overall theme which is supposed to tie the photos together and create a series. Above all that, the order of the topics must also be the order in which the photos are taken. No post-processing and no saving of the photos with new names! All this is complicated, especially for a first time participant! So whenever possible, I would suggest to join our sharing sessions that we will have before the next Fotomarathon. It is the best opportunity to learn more about the Fotomarathon and to get to know participants from the years before. The other thing is: whenever in doubt, talk to our team. We are all happy to help and to answer every question. Follow our WeChat account – we might do some smaller competitions until the next event here in Shenyang. It might be a good exercise. But the most important thing is: enjoy and have fun!
Bettina Kasperowski, Germany

We at Landing East are definitely avid fans of the FM and hope to support the event again in 2018!

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