2nd Landing East Charity Sale – Results

Yesterday, June 18th, 2017, we had our second ever Charity Sale in collaboration with ICS benefiting a project of Delos Foundation. We were very pleased and thankful for the plentiful donations by numerous benefactors. We had a wide array of clothes on sale for ladies, gents, children and many non-clothing items as well. Just have a look at what went down at the place of sale!



Items were inspected…


…transactions made…




…clothing checked for style, quality and size…



…and purchases tried on to make sure they fit

The sale was quite the success: we managed to sell items for a total of 6003 RMB. Generous visitors gave us an additional 565.3 RMB in donations, which brings the grand total up to 6568.3 RMB. This sum translates into just over 70 pairs of glasses for children with eye problems who cannot afford their own in and around Shenyang.

To find out more about what the Delos Foundation does in this worthy project and to observe our colleagues when they helped do the eye checks in a school in Shenyang, have a look at one of our previous articles here.

To everyone who was involved – donors of items to sell, benefactors who filled our collection till, shoppers who bought the products – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making the lives of 70 myopic children in this city just that little bit better!

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Written by Julie Marx

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