How to Get Your Own Didi Taxi

No matter where you live or which place you visit, to get the access to transportation method is always important. Like Uber popular in western countries, China also has its own online taxi booking applications, one of which is called 滴滴出行(dī dī chū xíng).  I bet each of you who lives in China heard about it. Today we want to share with you how to order a drive using Didi. So let’s get started.


The app is available for both Apple and Android operational systems. In this article, we prepare for you a guide how to deal with this app on iPhones, but it should not be much different for the Android OS.

First of all, type the name ”滴滴出行” or “didi” in the search window (or just copy the title from here), chose the correct app and select ‘Get’ button. Downloading is on the way!

How to order Didi Taxi in China

After downloading is finished and you open the app, the system will send you automatically a message to ask if you want to choose the English language. If not, you can also find language settings on the home page. I’m sure you know what to do 😉

How to order Didi Taxi in China

For registration, you would need to insert your Chinese phone number. And for the first time users, the system will send a message with a pin code you need to proceed the registration. Fill in all the requested information, and then you will be free to access the “taxi heaven”.

How to order Didi Taxi in China

On the home page, like in the picture below, you will find almost all the functions you need: the car types (express, taxi and premier), reservation time and the route. As you will also find out, you can use this App in most of the biggest cities in China. At the bottom of the page, you will see that the system has already synchronized with your current location (make sure the location service is activated on your phone)  and all you need to do is to enter the name of the destination.

How to order DiDi Taxi in China

Car types

→ EXPRESS as you can see from the name, it’s the car you can usually get directly after you send out the request. These cars are private which are owned by individuals.

Price (estimated fee):

– distance fee: 1.75 CYN/km

– low-speed driving fee: 0.3 CYN/minute

– base (start) fee: 8 CNY

Note: when the distance and time fees are lower than the minimum fare, the minimum fee will be changed. If you need an invoice, please make sure you chose “reimbursement required” on individual payment when you make the order.

→ TAXI: normal taxis that you can get on the street. If you need “taxi fapiao”, this is the best choice for you. The price will be counted by the taximeter.

→ PREMIER: with this service, you can choose a car from comfort style to 6-seater MPV.

Comfort, price (estimated fee):

– base (start) fee: 10 CNY

– distance fee: 2.49 CYN/km

– low-speed driving fee: 0.3 CYN/km

6-seater business car, price (estimated fee):

– base (start) fee: 18 CYN

– distance fee: 4.5 CYN/km

– low-speed driving fee: 1.4 CYN/km

Executive class, price (estimated fee):

– base (start) fee: 20 CYN

– distance fee: 4.6 CYN/km

– low-speed driving fee: 2 CYN/km

Note: the estimate fee is for the reference only. The actual fare may differ due to different factors, such as traffic and weather conditions.

How to order DiDi Taxi in China

Pick up time

→ NOW: your order will be placed immediately and you will only need to wait when someone will take it.

→ RESERVE: you can set up the time you want to be picked up.

For Express: passengers can reserve up to 2 days pickup service in advance.

For Taxi: passengers can reserve up to 2 days pickup service in advance.

For Premier: passengers can reserve up to 2 days pickup service in advance, airport drop off & pickup service is available (2 days pickup service reservation).

How to order DiDi Taxi in China

After you type in the destination or choose from one of the places you often go, you will see the approximate price that the ride will cost. One way to save the cost for ordering an express car is to choose “ExpressPool” which means you will need to share the ride with other passengers. But when you’re in a rush, this option is not suggested.  If one of the drivers accepts your order, you can see the basic information about the driver, the car plate number, as well as the type of the car, which makes it easier to recognize it when ordered car arrives. Communication with the driver can be done through the message and phone calls.

How to order DiDi Taxi in China

If you accidentally got the wrong direction or you don’t need the car anymore, cancellation is also possible. The App won’t charge any money for orders canceled within two minutes after the driver answered. Orders exceeding this time restrict will be charged for the cancellation fee.

How to order DiDi Taxi in China

Secure and convenient payment methods are available on Didi App including Alipay, WeChat pay, credit card pay and etc.


Now you know how to get a ride on Didi and it’s time to practice your skills! Or you already have some funny stories of getting a taxi in foreign countries? Leave us a comment to share your story and if you think this article makes your life here a little easier then please share this article with your friends and those, who might be interested and don’t forget to follow us!

by Alina Zhang

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