Shenyang Lantern Festival

On the 1st of February, the International Cultural Lantern Exhibition was opened in Shenyang Expo Garden for those who are not easily threatened by cold 😉

This festival is sponsored by Shenyang Tourism Group with 15 million RMB ($2.35 million) and covers an area of 66.67 hectares. With the length of 5.5 km there are represented over 100 groups of lanterns themed with the Silk Road. Walking along the exhibition, visitors can recognize the features of the countries and cities of the Silk Road, and Shenyang is there too.

Besides the thousands of lights, you can also see colorful light performances, take a look at, as well as buy, some traditional handicrafts and of course try local snacks.

The small light exhibition is opened until 15th of February, from 14:00 to 22:00 (please confirm the time before you go).

The whole light festival will be opened until 15th of March, from 9:00 to 22:00 (please confirm the time before you go).

It will be not free for visiting:

February 1st to 14th and March 5th to 15th – 80 RMB/person, elder citizens and students (with identification) – 40 RMB/person.

February 15th to 4th of March – 100 RMB/person for adults, 50 RMB for elder citizens and students (with identification).

But we think it worth to pay, have a look by yourself!

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Has anyone of you been there already? Share your opinion and maybe some tips with us in the comments below!

By Evgenia Kurz

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