The Year of the Dog – Celebration Tips and Features

Chinese New Year (or let’s call it correctly, the Spring Festival) is just around the corner and you couldn’t  notice all the colourful illuminations on the streets, a huge variety of decorations in the stores, excited people running around the shopping areas already looking for presents and something to surprise their families with. Yep, the year of the Dog is coming!

Despite the different date of the Festival every year, the Chinese New Year 2018 celebration is very similar to all the previous years. There are some special traditions of the First Day of the Lunar Calendar, tips for the New Year’s Eve Celebration and of course the introduction about Chūn Jié – Chinese Spring Festival, where you can find a lot of interesting facts and make yourself ready. Most of the traditions are followed by people every year and already became the unbreakable core of the Spring Festivals.

But is there anything special about the Year of The Dog and its celebration? After all, there is a reason behind, why each year gets under one of 12 zodiac signs. Well, let’s find out.

The first what you should pay attention to is the interior of your home or any other place where the celebration will take place. According to Chinese traditions, to please the animal of the coming year and attract the luck to the house, the symbol of the year should be around during the whole celebration, and the more the better. You can hang the dog ornaments on the entrance door and windows, then the luck would not get lost and can easily find the welcoming hosts. It would be also good to place around your apartment the figures of the new year’s protector, but if you are a happy owner of the dog – you could not make it better to welcome 2018 to your family.

2018 is a year of the Yellow Earth Dog, what follows that the yellowish/brownish/gold colors in the decoration are preferable. Combine tablecloth, candles and dishes of those colors, it will also make your table more special. It is recommended to avoid cat’s images or figures, as well as tiger’s or leopard’s elements in the decoration, clothing or accessories during the Lunar New Year celebration.

Dogs don’t like limited and narrow space, so try not to overdo with massive pieces of furniture and massive decorations at home. Also, it is recommended to put the table in the middle, that it would have access from all the four sides.

The food and drinks should be very simple, without any fancy recipes. Dog likes it simple but tasty. Feng Shui recommends adding meat dishes to your new year menu. And of course, the best would be to put on the table traditional Chinese treats for the New Year celebration.

As a sincere, friendly and faithful friend of men, the dog likes to be surrounded by people and hates to stay alone. Therefore, you better not stay alone during the celebration night and if you can’t be with your family (what would be the best company), you better accept an invitation from your friends or organize a small party by your own.

Don’t forget, that drunk people are not among the dog’s favorite and if you don’t want to be in disfavor of the dog the whole year, take it easy on alcohol drinks. You don’t want to be bitten, right?

We already told you about presents etiquette in China, there you can find some ideas for the New Year present. Besides the red envelope as a traditional present, this year are popular clothes and mugs with the symbol of a dog on it, if you know that your friend or your family member is dreaming about God, you can present a puppy (but make sure that the person will be glad to receive such present and won’t give it away after few months). Try to avoid giving chains and neckless, as this kind of gift can get the dog back up.

All above are just tips, made by Fengshui and Chinese beliefs and it is up to you to follow them or not. After all, what matters the most is people around you and your own mood during this night!

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by Evgenia Kurz

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